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How long does it take to deactivate a pathogenic microbe ?

With the Tesla Electrochem Antiviral Continual Coating, pathogenic microbial deactivation (destruction) begins in 2 minutes. 
In independent laboratory testing, a concentrated form took about 60 seconds to deactivate the microbes 99.99%.  Silver ions generally kill bacteria in 30 to 60 seconds.  And the corona virus in 3 minutes.
The coating is estimated according to general laboratory studies related to silver ions, to deactivate corona viruses in about 5 to 6 minutes.

The competition claims on their website, microbial deactivation occurs in up to 2 hours !  That wording generally means around two hours.

Think about the difference.  If the virus lands on a table, with the "competition" deactivation will take up to two hours.  Imagine the damage which the virus can do in that time.



TESLA ELECTROCHEM:  about 6 minutes              COMPETITION :  UP TO   2 HOURS  

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Simple and economical to apply the coating to surfaces?

Tesla Electrochem Antiviral Continual Coating, is applied by our high technology fogger, which produces droplets between 20um to 50um.  It's easy to use, takes about an hour or two to learn.
The cost is less than $200
Extremely safe, the fog and the coating can not burn or explode.  It is simply not flammable.

Applied by electrostatic coating.
High quality equipment can cost from $2,500 to $4,500 and more.
It requires that the object to be coated is electrically grounded.  This is often difficult in on site applications, and for example materials such as wood and plastics can be difficult to ground.
There are well-known safety hazards, such as the possibility of electric discharge resulting in shock and electrical damage.  And other safety issues.  It is not known if the during application spray is flammable or not.

TESLA ELECTROCHEM:                                                   COMPETITION: 

Easy, economical and safe to apply                    Expensive, requires grounding,
Can be applied to all type surfaces                      and has the safety issues

effectively, and not just metal                               associated with electrostatic                                                                                                            coating.  Can't be applied

                                                                                                    effectively to  materials

                                                                                                     other than grounded metals

The other one


Based on the well-known properties of the main ingredient, nanosilver, on many months use, and models, the estimated time of antiviral activity would be about 1 month to 10 months depending on which of our coatings are used.

This does not include washing.

Generally washing the surface with standard cleaning chemicals will reduce and end the antimicrobial activity.  From 20 to 30 washings.

However TESLA ELECTROCHEM has overcome this problem with a brilliant new technology which keeps our nanometals in excellent form for very long periods of time.  The new method is based on  well tested electrochemical principles.

The website claims 3 month of active antimicrobial, antiviral activity and there is no reason to doubt this.  

However, there may be two issues.

One that it can only be applied effectively to metal surfaces because of the electrostatic application method.  And it is assumed these tests were made on metal surfaces, and not plastic, wood, fabric etc.

Another issue is washing the surface.

Coated surfaces, for example a table top in a restaurant or the tray in an aircraft seat, are regularly cleaned.  Sometimes several times a day.

Generally speaking the antimicrobial activity is reduced with each washing.  

Data is not released how many washings will result in loss of antiviral activity, or on the thickness of the coating.

TESLA ELECTROCHEM:  1 month to 10                 COMPETITION:  up to 3 months
months on all types of surfaces.                          apparently for metal surfaces only
Metal, plastic, fabrics, anything.   
When our new 
technology is applied,

given our 2 X FOG application technology, and

Simply Clean.                                                            

The other one


Tesla Electrochem Antiviral Continual Coating, is highly economical, due to the brilliant original discoveries of Nilola Tesla.

For example, the high technology application equipment costs approximately one tenth of the equipment required the competitor.  Yes 90% less expensive, yet quality certified and cutting edge nano-particle coating technology.

Tesla Electrochem coating itself although composed of certified naonometal is quite economical to use.  Even very large amount of objects and spaces can be coated economically and effectively.

Application equipment used in this technology, electrostatic coating, costs approximately 90% more than the nano-fogging technology of Tesla Electrochem. 

The coating itself is completely different that that of of the proven Tesla Electrochem coating.

Relatively large amounts of the competitor's coating is needed to achieve results.   It is estimated that up to15 times as much coating of competitive systems may be needed.  Consumers may verify these matters.


And the coating itself per liter could be more expensive.  Consumers are advised to compare the costs.

TESLA ELECTROCHEM:  highly                                 COMPETITION:  apparently several

economical  yet extremely effective                added costs, up to 9 times as much

Lower cost to beautiful technical                        for the coating equipment, and

design by Nikola Tesla and the use                      many times as much for the different

of cutting edge modern                                             costing technology with no apparent

electrochemical technology                                   microbiological benefits evident                                                                                                                 today.             

The other one


Extremely rapid yet excellent coating.


For example, an apartment in one hour, a house in a few hours, a hotel or cruise ship with several people doing the coating, in just one or two evenings.


Electrostatic coating is time comsuming.

Each object to be coated must be electrically grounded and then sprayed when the work is done on site and not in a factory specializing in electrostatic coating..

TESLA ELECTROCHEM:  rapid simple               COMPETITION:   electrostatic coating is

 yet excellent coating.  Very fast                      time consuming

The other one


The EPA list of products / substances approved for use against Covid-19 is found here:

As of September 12, 2020, the active ingredient in Tesla Electrochem Antiviral Coating is listed 5 times in the EPA substance approval list.

A long list of published studies show the effectiveness of our coating active ingredient against viruses, including pandemic viruses such as the H1N1 and SARS.

The EPA list of approved substances and products does not mention the product name of the company name of the competition as of September 12, 2020.

The website of the competitor states that the product has received an emergency waiver for use in the state of Texas, and this is clearly accurate.  They are to be congratulated.

A problem is, however, that EPA waiver or listing does not indicate the EPA has decided that the product is effective.  An EPA listing or waiver only indicates an EPA it is able to be used legally in the environment.

Listing by the EPA for approved use against Covid-19, does not indicate that the EPA has determined the product to be effective.  The determination of the EPA relates to issues of environmental safety.
The active ingredient of Tesla Electrochem Coating is listed 5 times in the EPA approved list.  

There is no doubt that the competition is in many ways an excellent product.  But Tesla Electrochem coating has a far wider range of surface types that can be treated, not just metals, as well as other significant advantages.

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